Paragliding, for those who inspire themselves

Paragliding is an sport considered as high risk and was invented by mountain sportsmen, who were looking for a way to descend from the high peaks just like birds do: going up the sky.

The team of was encouraged to climb to the hill Morro do José Menino (Voturuá), in the city of Santos. Agustín Martos, correspondent of NT, arrived at the top of Cerro Voturuá, through the cable car that overflies the ecological reserve of the same name, located between the city of Sao Vicente and Santos, in the State of Sao Paulo.

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The cable car flies over the park for approximately 20 minutes, the visitor can get excellent panoramic views of the city and get carried away by the thrilling experience of being transported by air as in the best flights of Peter Pan.

“It was exciting to feel suspended from just one cable and feel as the breeze gently caresses your skin while the trill of exotic birds make you company, simply the adrenaline flows” (Agustín Martos).

Once at the top, the correspondent of Our Themes was invited to participate in a paragliding instruction at the “Dinamica do Ar” Academy, and was literally launched from the summit together with flight instructor Mr. “Cacaroto” Jefferson.

Basically paragliding is safe; however, the turbulence and the cutting wind are the decisive elements in the way the flight is structured. Paragliding is a very adrenaline-friendly sport activity that is also comforting. From a paraglider you feel what Icarus and Daedalus must have felt in the greatest free-flight adventure of all time, at the same time that you can experience the feeling of being a free bird and observe the sea and the land from above and, in an instant feel the king of the world.