What is a vessel condition survey?

Guillermo Rodriguez, Naval Engineer of Iamsa Latam Inc., points out that the most important thing, prior to initiating a condition inspection to a ship, is to know the scope of said service.

A vessel condition survey also called pre-purchase inspection is a technical verification conducted by a thirty part body to determine the condition of a ship which can be used as an integral management tool.

The purpose to conduct such technical verification or appraisal is to determine the condition of the ship for different purposes, the most common objective is to provide a global vision of the state of the ship by potential buyers, by the insurers, by the owners themselves, by the maritime authority, by charterers, or by anyone wishing to know how the ship is at a certain moment of its useful life.

verification of the condition of ship to determine compliance with rules and regulations.

Guillermo Rodriguez, Naval Engineer of Iamsa Latam Inc., points out that the most important thing, prior to initiating a condition inspection to a ship, is to know the scope of said service, because that depends on which section of the ship the engineer must concentrate to perform the condition survey service.

The condition survey service, also called pre-purchase inspection service, starts with a general overview of the condition of the ship. Normally the inspector will need to know recent operation of vessel, difficulties encountered such as foreseeable difficulties with PSC officers, outstanding surveys, conditions of Class (if any).

Verification of the navigation department is also a critical element that must be verified during the provision of the condition survey service: to test and check the status of Equipment, documental review of various logs, records, status of publications, electronic charts, among others.

You have indicated that the emphasis of a condition survey it depends on what the client requires. What do you mean with this?

“Indeed, knowing the scope of the service is fundamental, it is a critical success factor in the inspection process and in obtaining customer satisfaction. For instance, there are clients that require more emphasis in knowing the condition of the holds and hatches, others need to know the internal state of the tanks, or know the state of the cranes, some need to know the state of main engine and auxiliary machinery. This means that our technical department adapts our inspection forms with the purpose that our inspectors concentrate on these specific points”.

Which is the section that is verified with greater emphasis on the deck of a ship?

test of equipment is conclusive to determine the condition of a vessel.

“In general, deck inspection is extensive and requires a expertise and practical experience to discover possible failures such as potential breakdown of visible hull coating, topside, bottom, upper and lower vertical, marine growth. During the condition survey inspection, we verify as much as possible to determine de condition of deck and accommodation super structure. Main deck pipeline condition is a critical factor the same goes with funnel and funnel stacks and with the condition of main deck pipelines. In this sense, our technicians look for to determine findings related to main deck pipelines, soft patches if any, temporary repairs, among others”.

What happens after the inspection has concluded?

“Our attending inspector prepares the preliminary report which is sent to the client with the main findings, this happens almost instantaneously. 4 days later, our technical

Findings.: Seawater pump poor maintenance. Pump body, impeller framework, pump shaft, bearing housing found leaking and rusted.

department prepares the final condition survey or pre-purchase inspection report which includes more than 300 photos of the service and attached relevant pictures of the findings. Pictures of findings are described and commented. This report is sent to the client electronically or uploaded to a cloud to be downloaded by our customer.”

“Our condition survey inspection report is one of the most completed services performed in the industry”.


Iamsa Latam (s.f.) Marine Condition Survey and Pre-purchase inspection

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